PSP – Point and shoot panoramas or a DSLR. The choice has become very clear recently during a commercial shoot. I used both systems. The difference is outright straight forward. For the weigh I saved in terms of carrying the equipment and no, not for the commercial shoot, I carry heavy stuffs to every commercial shoot…so for the weight I saved on carrying my stuffs to the location, the output is quite simply, not acceptable to me.


The following, the PSP setup:

The DSLR Setup:

Thus, it made me decide, did it worth the trouble of saving the weight but churn out undesirable 360 panos? Morever, I have lesser control over the settings I needed, ISO, aperture, shutter and most importantly, HDR!

So, listing the points of pros and cons for PSP:


Light weight…and that’s about it.


Lesser control over anything and everything in terms of camera settings. All the reason I needed.

Megapixel is not and will never be everything. The P5100 is a 12 megapixel camera with a sensor of 1/1.72 ” (0.41 square meters?) CCD type. The 40D has a 22.2 x 14.8 mm (3.28 cm²), 10 megapixel camera. From the above results, I think it’s quite straight forward in deciding what to bring for the all important pano I want to be shooting. However, the P5100 will be kept for those video shooting capabilities for now…

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A good article on the same topic again – Megapixel just isn’t everything if you have not heard?

Do you wonder why, as of writing this, the latest handphone from Samsung, the Pixon (M8800), with a 8MP camera that it keeps touting still looks like shit when you take a picture? Even with a old Canon EOS 300D, a 65MP camera, the 300D wins hands down! I’m just so sick of companies telling and advertising about their “All New 8 megapixel” camera phone”. Want a good picture, buy a new camera, get a DSLR, not a new phone damnit! If you do want to compare megapixel, this will then make a difference, it’s 800, yep, not a typo, EIGHT HUNDRED megapixels and it went to MARS.

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