Adding a mirror ball as the nadir

Download the following:

1. Photoshop Action File > Capflex.atn
2. Text Signature > logotext.psd

Here we go

Drag and drop the downloaded Capflex.atn into photoshop. It will sppear under the actions panel.


Open your equirectangular image in Photoshop.


Expand the action, you’ll see MirrorSphereCapFreeSize, run it using the small little play button. “circled” in the below image.


You’ll get a message like the one below. Click continue and do what the message says


Move or rather, expand or contract it to cover your tripod or pano head on the newly created bottom section of the image. Then Hit Enter.

Click Continue again and that’s it. You have the nadir of the mirror ball. You can generate the Quicktime pano using Pano2QTVR (refer here) now if you want to.


Add Signature

I like to add a small signature like the URL of this site and the name of this pano, if you like too, follow on.

Convert to cubic using Pano2QTVR. Instructions is here (See screenshot 3) if you have not followed the tutorial yet. Then….

Open logotest.psd in Photoshop

Edit it to the text you want. This example uses a actual pano of Market St multi storey carpark so the name…


After editing


Now flatten the image Ctrl + Shift + E in photoshop


after flatten

Press “v” on your keyboard, drag and drop the image onto the cubic nadir image.


Adjust accordingly. If the adjustment controls are not as what I am showing below, you need to check “Show Transform Controls”


After adjustments…


Flatten it again Ctrl + Shift + E in photoshop


Feed it back to Pano2QTVR and create your 360 Quicktime Pano!

That’s it! See the actual quicktime here or by clicking on the equirectangular image below.



The above will be more than enough to get your mirror ball working but here’s some links I had to fumble with before really knowing it all.


Original PS action created and provided for download here by Peter Nyfeler, visit Peter @

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