What is it? It is Flash Panorama Plugin. It’s a highly prgrammable plugin for displaying of Flash based panoramas on the web.

It can be purchased at

It is as of writing, about $90 SGD.



Flashificator is a seperate product that will only work with FPP. It is the front end GUI of FPP. You will no longer need to know XML or for the matter anything else in order to use FPP. You will simply need to know what to click!

Flashificator can be purchased at

As of writing it is 55 Euros, about $124.11 SGD.


So with so many kind of viewers already, why FPP? We can generate flash panos and display them with no problems, so why?

FPP allows for some really neat plugins, programmable and it’s fast! It also allows displaying of panos from simply using your cubic face images or your final stitched equirectangular image. It is not choosy. It will display them just fine.

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