FPP Create Fly Out Images

This is the plugin used for the Naumi shoot here.

1. Start the application
2. Name your project
3. Drag and drop your project file into the interface
4. Click “Hotspots” tab
5. Create a hotspot with the green hotspot maker button
6. Name your hotspot (ex. “picture1” )
7. Click “Source” and select a picture to use
8. Change the property of the picture from “spot” to “box” in the hotspot drawer (hotspot drawer is placed between the green and red hotspot create/delete buttons at the bottom of the toolbox)
9. Untick the “Cache as Bitmap” tickbox
10. Move the pano so that the cross hairs in the center of the preview window are placed approximately where you want the image to be
11. Click “Lock Position” (the image center will jump to that position)
12. Click “Reload” on the preview window
13. Use the “X Y and Z under “Rotation” to fit the image into place.
14. If you need to change the size of the image, you can click on the down arrow on “Hotspots” tab, and select “Hotspots2”
15. There you can use the “Distance” numeric stepper to put more distance on the image, thereby make it appear further away.
16. Go back to “Hotspots” tab and fine adjust the image into place with the XYZ components (point 13 of this walkthrough)
17. Click “Plugins”
18. Click “Place An Image”
19. Decide how long time the image will take to perform the movement from floor/desk/whatever to the screen and back down (time is in milliseconds… 1000 is one second)
20. Select the transition effect to use for going down and up (can be the same or individual)
21. Adjust the scale of the picture. If it is too big originally, it may exceed the monitor size. Remember that you will have to click “Create Functions” every time you have made changes within the “Place An Image” interface, and also remember to click “Reload” after you have made changes.
22. Click “Create Functions”
23. Click “Reload” on the preview window

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