ITCOW 360 on PangeaVR

Displaying your own panos on the iPhone has never been easier with Pangea VR. There’s a free and paid version. Paid allows you to save the panos into the phone. With good coverage around Singapore, I guess not a need.

Log into the App Store and seach for Pangea VR

After installing the free version, on your Safari, go to

Click on “Link“. This XML link will have to be copied into Pangea VR.

Next, Launch Pangea VR, go to “Website” the right most button on the bottom and paste that link. Then tap View.

You’ll see the list of panos that are optimised for iPhone.

Click the Plus (+) sign to add it to your bookmarks. Done.

Everytime we update that list, it will be updated automatically on you iPhone too.

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